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A leak of a product roadmap at the top PC manufacturer Dell revealed potential launch dates for upcoming generations of processors from Intel, AMD, and Qualcomm. The leaked slide provided details on hardware platforms for future versions of Dell's premium XPS notebooks. Given Dell's status as a major PC manufacturer, the dates disclosed in the leaked slides are likely accurate.

According to the leaked information, Dell anticipates the release of Intel's Core Ultra 200V series "Lunar Lake-MX" processor in September 2024, with possible product announcements at Computex. It is worth noting that Intel is developing "Lunar Lake" specifically for the -MX memory-on-package segment, competing against Apple's M3, M4, and potentially the M3 Pro. Intel also has plans for its "Arrow Lake" architecture in the latter half of 2024, ensuring no overlap in products—there will not be an "Arrow Lake-MX." The "Arrow Lake" microarchitecture is expected to cover various market segments on the mobile platform. These chips will feature a traditional package with discrete memory either soldered onto the mainboard or socketed as SO-DIMMs or LPCAMMs. The branding for "Arrow Lake" mobile processors is expected to follow the Core Ultra 200-series model numbering, as "Lunar Lake-MX" will be limited to the 200V brand extension. The roadmap suggests that notebooks powered by "Arrow Lake" will be available in January 2025.

With assistance from Microsoft, Qualcomm has become a full-fledged PC processor manufacturer capable of competing with Apple's M-series SoCs. The Qualcomm Oryon "Snapdragon X V2" processor is designed to rival Apple's M4 series processors, which recently debuted with the 2024 iPad Pro and are expected to power upcoming MacBooks. Dell expects to incorporate these new Snapdragon processors into their devices by July 2025.

Despite the January 2025 release of Intel's "Arrow Lake," it is expected to have a short market presence lasting only 3 quarters. Dell foresees Intel launching the Core Ultra 300 series in October 2025, featuring the new "Panther Lake" microarchitecture across various market segments. There is no information on a successor to the -MX segment following "Lunar Lake." Depending on the market reception of "Lunar Lake," Intel may develop a "Panther Lake-MX" product.

Looking further ahead, Dell predicts a one-year product lifecycle for "Panther Lake" until October 2026, when Intel is projected to introduce the Core Ultra 400 series powered by the "Nova Lake" microarchitecture, covering the -U, -P, and -H segments. There is a possibility of an -MX product based on the success of "Lunar Lake-MX."

On the roadmap, there is mention of an unspecified next-generation Ryzen AI processor scheduled for January 2027. AMD is expected to launch multiple mobile processor generations leading up to 2027, starting with "Strix Point" (Zen 5) later this year.

Finally, the furthest projection on Dell's radar is the Qualcomm Oryon "Snapdragon X V3," a future generation notebook processor set for release in October 2027.